I’m from Canada, and learned most of the important stuff of life on a farm. While attending university, I stumbled one day across a YouTube video about something called aquaponics. Eight years later, I’m still hooked. I now work part-time at a local aquaponics research facility, striving with my colleagues to better understand this incredible field, along with how we can best use it to satisfy our local, national, and global needs.

Intro to Aquaponics

I created this site to serve as an open, accessible platform that would allow all to easily learn about the fundamentals of aquaponics – in the hopes that people will become more empowered in producing their own food in a clean, sustainable way.

If you see something on this site that could be improved, or if you have expertise in the field of aquaponics that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me using the form below: